Quality. Personal Service. Fair Price. Communication. Honesty. Treating you as I would want to be treated. This is what I promise you.

I focus on the finest certified diamonds. . . well-cut diamonds which create a very stunning engagement ring or piece of jewelry. I listen to you, and work with you, providing recommendations and guidance, answering any questions, in order to find the right stone(s) for you.

I obtain stones from my network of trusted cutters and suppliers that will meet your requirements. Most diamonds I sell are graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) (www.gia.edu).

Smaller, uncertified stones for pieces such as diamond stud earrings, anniversary rings, pendants, will be well-cut.

I have mounting and jewelry suppliers who have “passed the test” with me in providing excellent service and quality. I am very picky! I either obtain the finished piece from my suppliers, or purchase the mounting and side stones separately, and my bench jeweler will complete the piece for you. This process differs depending on the item, and I discuss all of this with you. My bench jeweler sets all center stones in engagement rings.

My jeweler also creates incredible custom pieces of jewelry to meet your desire.

Your happiness and confidence are of primary importance.

An insurance replacement appraisal is provided with every sale.

I do not sell synthetic diamonds or clarity-enhanced diamonds.

Lab-created/synthetic diamonds are of concern today, so it is very important to work with someone who has earned your trust.


“Just wanted to let you know the ring was a BIG hit. Thanks for your assistance and guidance. You took good care of us and I appreciate it”. L